Subscription Licensing Azure & Office 365 Promotion

Subscription Licensing Azure & Office 365 Promotion

NAV on Azure? Take 32%* off Subscription Licensing!

Microsoft Dynamics NAV on Azure customers who use Subscription Licensing can get up to 32%* off Subscription Licensing with Microsoft’s FY16 ‘On Azure’ Promotion. This applies to customers who are currently using Subscription Licensing AND to new Subscription Licensing customers!

Office 365 integration? Take off another 17%!*

If your customers are also Office 365 users, and use NAV Office 365 integration, they may also qualify for a further 17%* discount – for a total combined discount up to 49%* – on Subscription Licensing with Microsoft’s FY16 “In Office 365” Promotion!

Do you want to know the prices and know more? Please send us some basic details and we’ll send you information and pricing for the Subscription Licensing ON Azure IN Office 365 promotion!

Subscription Licensing for Microsoft Dynamics NAV available through getsix® Services – please read more here: Microsoft Dynamics NAV ON Azure IN Office 365

There’s never been a better time to go Cloud on Microsoft Azure in Office 365!


Who is eligible?

  • FY16 ‘On-Azure’ promotional pricing applies for Microsoft Dynamics NAV customers, hosted on Microsoft Azure, and licensed using the Subscription Licensing model.
  • FY16 ‘In-O365’ promotional pricing applies to customers that meet the FY16 ‘On-Azure’ promotional pricing requirements, are existing Office 365 users subscribed to either the Office 365 Business Premium, or the Office 365 Enterprise E3 plan, and use Microsoft Dynamics NAV through the product’s built-in Office 365 integration.
  • Subscription licenses and the applicable promotional pricing SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) for those licenses must be acquired prior to 1st July 2016.

Promotional pricing applies:

  • No earlier than 20th July 2015.
  • On Standard User Subscriber Access Licenses (SALs).
  • For new customers, not already licensed using the Subscription Licensing model.
  • For our existing Subscription Licensing customers, on the next monthly invoice subsequent to the date you order the applicable promotional pricing.
  • On monthly invoices generated until 30th June 2018, unless (i) the customer stops meeting eligibility requirements earlier, in which case the promotional pricing expires 30 days after the date of the last invoice preceding the disqualifying event, or (ii) the customer does not maintain a continuous subscription agreement during the term of this promotion.

Promotional pricing does not apply to:

  • Any other type of Subscription Licensing SALs (such as Extended Use Additive SALs, Limited User SALs, Full User SALs, ISV Device SALs).
  • Any other module available on the Subscription Licensing pricelist (such as object packs).
  • Granules or modules connecting to third-party ISV software and functionality.
  • Purchases using the Services Provider License Agreement, or Perpetual Licensing.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM and CRM-related services, components or CALs.
  • Any other Microsoft Dynamics software.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Customers subscribed to Office 365 plans other than Office 365 Business Premium or Office 365 Enterprise E3 are not eligible for the FY16 ‘In-O365’ promotional pricing.
  2. If the country where your customer is located allows remote hosting or if your country allows remote hosting as long as you keep a replicate of the Customer data on a server located in-country, you may not deploy on Azure Pack to qualify for this promotion. For your customers deployed on Azure Pack in countries with regulations requiring financial data to be hosted in-country, if the country subsequently passes regulation that permits remote hosting, you must move your customer from the local infrastructure Azure Pack to Microsoft Azure within 3 months after such change enacts to continue qualifying for the promotional pricing.
  3. Customers that let their subscription agreement lapse during the term of this promotion by not ordering Standard SALs for any length of time then subsequently reinstates their subscription agreement no longer qualify for the promotional price upon reinstatement.
  4. Customers with an active Subscription agreement containing the ‘FY15 On-Azure Promotion’ or the ‘FY15 In-O365 Promotion’ SKUs do not qualify for this promotion.
  5. This offer cannot be converted into cash.
  6. Taxes, if any, are the sole responsibility of the recipient.
  7. This offer is non-transferable.
  8. Offer available only through eligible resellers, like getsix® Services.

*Discount percentages are illustrative only. Reflected percentages are based on July 2015 Subscription Licensing prices.