Our Mission and Values

Our Mission Statement

When it comes to selecting a partner for accounting, payroll, or financial services, the types and quality of services offered is important; but it’s not just what the partner does that drives the difference between customer satisfaction and customer delight – it’s their character that counts.

getsix®’s character, and our passion, is best expressed through our mission of…

…being our customers’ most trusted business partner and consistently exceeding their expectations. We achieve this by combining our experience, expertise and thought leadership with integrity, objectivity, and our ever-expanding resources and capabilities. We intend to continually grow and enhance our market position in Poland and to maximize our ability to invest in People, Technology, Innovation, and Infrastructure.

From our letterhead to the reports we produce, you’ll see this mission summarised in our logo and slogan – ‘Passion for Business’. Passion for Business is a ‘top down’ way of doing business. It means that our partners are charged with the responsibility for assessing the total scope of our customers’s financial situation. It means integrating resources both within and outside the firm. It means exceeding our customers’ expectations whether it’s delivering an monthly Balance Sheet, Financial Report, or discovering a way to turn a tax liability into an asset.

Passion for Business’s reach permeates our staff and recruiting as well, through continuous training, access to state-of-the-art technology, and a unique mentoring program.

And last but not least, it means a commitment to highly competitive and reasonable fees.

Our Values

getsix Passion

Our Company Slogan “Passion for Business” has a certain meaning in the way, that the first letters of the word “Passion” are standing for our core values.They shape the culture and define the character of our company. They guide how we behave and make decisions.

They are:

  • Performance: We measure results and reward archivements;
  • Archivements: We can only achieve our corporate goals together with our employees;
  • Social Responsibility: We care for and contribute to our communities;
  • Solutions: We want to develop new business solutions, to satisfy our Clients;
  • Innovations: We encourage creativity;
  • Objectivity: We are able to deal with information free of distortions, personal bias, or conflicts of interest;
  • Networks: We provide through our company our Clients with the expertise of our entire network and a hassle-free service entirety.

Our Mission and Values:

What we are doing?

Our 6 core services areas and innovative Solutions

What makes us different?

Providing “integrative business solutions” in accordance with our “Business Model and Visions” in close co-operation with our “Competence Network Partners” and our International Partner Firms joining the “HLB International Alliance” for companies in all sizes based in Poland and/or abroad. This approach we want to provide with our “One-Stop-Shop Solutions”.

Whom we serve?

Our Customers