Microsoft SPLA Licensing


SPLA and Managed Licenses


There are two ways getsix Services can help your organisation with Microsoft licenses. We can offer you the Microsoft SPLA model on a subscription basis, or we can accept your software license keys and manage your titles.

For clarification, we have outlined these two options below.

The Microsoft Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA)


The Microsoft Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA) enables getsix Services to distribute Microsoft licensed products on a monthly basis over a month-to-month or single-year agreement, in order to provide software services and hosted applications to customers. Given that we are the licensee, not the customer, the SPLA can simplify software licensing. Unlike other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs, the SPLA allows getsix® Services to license Microsoft products for hosting.

Microsoft SPLA (Service Provider Licence Agreement) is the original licensing programme aimed specifically at a range of service providers. The programme enables low risk start-up, requiring no forecasting, up-front costs or commitments – you pay in arrears only for the licences you have used.

getsix Services long relationship with Microsoft combined with our industry-leading Microsoft knowledge puts us at the forefront of this SPLA programme.

Pricing is set in January and fixed for the year, providing complete transparency and predictability, although discounts are offered to charity, academic and Government partners.

All licensing comes inclusive of Software Assurance, so you can be sure you’ll always have access to the latest technology.

Software included in the programme is available for licensing through two models:

  • Per user (Subscriber Access Licence)
  • Per processor (CPU Licence)

Managed Microsoft Licenses

In a managed arrangement, the customer owns the Microsoft software license and pays the annual maintenance fees, and getsix Services hosts and manages the software titles.

Other benefits:

  • Utilise software more cost-effectively
  • 100% visibility of installed Microsoft products
  • Avoid buying unnecessary users
  • Improve use of upgrade entitlements
  • Reduce cost of software ownership

Subscriber Access License (SAL)

Traditional Microsoft licensing models licence with a Server and a CAL model, but under SPLA you licence both with a Subscriber Access License.

A SAL is required for each unique individual who is authorised to use the software. Benefits of the per user model include:

  • Subscribers can access multiple servers from multiple devices
  • Service providers can ‘scale out’ by deploying as many servers as they need
  • You only pay based upon the number of subscribers you have each month

Processor Licence (CPU)

Enables an unlimited number of end users to use the software running on a single processor. CPU Licences:

  • Are easy to monitor and count, lowering administrative costs
  • Can replace Internet Connector licences, eliminating the need to distinguish between internet, intranet and external users
  • Are economical across a variety of business scenarios where the use of the software may vary

Rest assured our team of resident experts are on hand to advise on both software licensing models to help you get what’s right for your business. There are lots of benefits whichever service provider licence agreement you go with, so we’ll also make sure you get the most out of the choice you make.

For more information, please see the SPLA vs. Managed Licenses Frequently Asked Questions.