Our Data Center Environment

getsix® takes seriously your critical data and business applications, it has never been so important. That is why we host our Back-End IT infrastructure at Beyond.pl data centre, a state-of-art environment located in Poznań.

This was a simple choice for us, due to Beyond.pl being the first telecommunication carrier neutral data centre offering IT services for the business sector in Poland. Data Centre 2 as the only data centre in Central Eastern Europe received the ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-4 Certification*, which equates to the highest level of data security. Data Centre 2 is a fault tolerant infrastructure, i.e. maintenance, repairs or single errors have no influence on data centre operations. This is possible thanks to different redundant systems dedicated for example to power supply or connectivity.

Relocating our data centre environment still enables us to have tangible access to our servers and all the other IT equipment, like storage etc., while simultaneously backing up our data in an additional geographic location. getsix® have access to over 20 telecommunication operators, in order to guarantee top level connectivity for our customers – 24/7/365. Beyond.pl data centres have been linked over a fibre optic ring with its own connection points to the leading telecom carriers. The ring architecture has been designed to provide telecommunications redundancy for both sites and multiple access points to telecom carriers (POP, PDK) through direct connections outside the facilities. Thanks to this, hosting our customers with Beyond.pl we can develop and provide services using the powerful fibre optic broadband of domestic and global reach.

The Beyond.pl data centre encompasses over 12,800 m2 at their Poznań location over their two data centres and have been providing telecommunications services for businesses since 2005. Furthermore, they are pioneers on the Polish marketplace when it comes to introducing the SAP system to the Cloud, with Data Centre 2 the first location in Central and Eastern Europe for Microsoft Azure Stack. Both of their data centres successfully underwent the ISO 27001:2013 audit regarding the information security management system. Also, due to cutting edge infrastructure the Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) in Data Centre 2 equals 1.1. and it is the lowest ratio achieved in Poland.

With getsix® being able to provide Virtual Disaster Recovery (vDRC) this keeps your company IT resources available without the need to purchase additional hardware. Providing fast, professional and easy protection of your infrastructure.

This ‘Backup-Centre-as-a-Service’ lets us run your business operations without the fear of losing data or contact with our customers. We can automatically start using vDRC, should the need arise.

*ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-4 Certification – Certificate of American National Institute (ANSI) is acknowledged all around the world. ANSI/TIA-942 compliance audit verifies approximately 2600 requirements compared to several hundred requirements verified by a competing institution.

ANSI sets standards in four specific areas: architecture, mechanics, power supply, and telecommunication. This means, that in order to get Rated-4 standard, a data centre must meet the maximum requirements in all these four areas. All elements are precisely examined, starting from infrastructure elements, such as topography and design, up to security elements, such as emergency power supply or fire protection systems.


We now can provide the highest standard to protect your irreplaceable data, which is in line with our ISO 27001:2013 certifications right across the getsix Group now and the Data Centre we now use are the only one to have ANSI/TIA-942 Rated-4 Certification in Central & Eastern Europe.

Business Continuity

With our new service-level agreement (SLA) we now have the availability at 99.95% level. So your business data will always be available even in the case of accident failure.

Cost Efficiency

For ‘peace of mind’ getsix Group has the environment at heart in our decisions, so due to modern infrastructure the power usage effectiveness ratio (PUE) at our Data Centre is the lowest level in Poland, which is 1.1. This gives a further advantage to our customers as we can pass on these energy savings with lower costs.

The most Modern Data Centre in Europe

This technological space provides getsix Group with Data Centre and Cloud computing services 24/7/365 for our customers and the technical support from a highly-qualified Smart Hands team.

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