Microsoft Office 365 – Overview of offers


Cloud productivity for email and collaboration

Accelerate performance with Microsoft Office 365, cloud versions of the most trusted Microsoft communications and collaboration products. getsix® Services industry-leading experience with implementing Office 365 will help you quickly gain the benefits of these new technologies.

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Microsoft Office 365

  • Reduce costs. Adopting Microsoft Office 365, the latest version of Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS), can lower your costs for email and collaboration services. Improve quality of service and security, while decreasing capital requirements. Reduce software license costs and total cost of ownership.
  • Achieve greater agility. Accelerate email and collaboration services deployment for rapid savings. Foster innovation, improve agility and stay competitive with rapid time to market. For example, deploying Microsoft SharePoint Online in the cloud takes only about an hour, compared to weeks or months on-premise.
  • Drive future productivity. Organizations can focus on value added activities rather than operational activities. Streamline systems with a rich collaborative environment and remove dated applications. Reduce patching, security and upgrade costs.
  • Optimise service. Microsoft is the only software provider giving customers choice-hosted in the cloud, owned and managed on-premise or even an optimized hybrid of the two.

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Ensure smooth implementation

If you wish to migrate from on-premise solutions to Microsoft Office 365, getsix® Services offers comprehensive Transition Services and Operational Services. Our combination of services includes mailbox and applicationh understanding of your present and future organisational needs to help you make informed decisions in choosing the most appropriate communications and collaboration capabilities for your business.

Office 365 includes:

  • Microsoft Office Professional Plus
  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Lync Online


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Reduce migration cost and time

getsix® Services has an industry-leading price for migrations, and our assets reduce deployment times by 30% over customer-led migrations.

We stand ready to ensure migration success. getsix® Services technicians and consultants have:

  • Developed assets to support smooth implementations.
  • Tested all the major migration tools for both Exchange Online and SharePoint Online.