'Save the Date' 7th annual getsix® 'Golf Trophy'

‘Save the Date’ 7th annual getsix® ‘Golf Trophy’

7th getsix Golf Trophy

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

6th getsix Golf Trophy

‘Gustaw’ and the getsix® Partners as way of thank you and your continued support, and friendship, would like to invite you to attend our ‘7th Annual Golf Trophy’ on Saturday 7th July, 2018 at Gradi Golf Club & Spa.

Now that you know the date, please do not delay, why not check your diaries and confirm your attendance to avoid disappointment.

6th getsix Golf Trophy

Along with having our golf competition and academy, we would also like to encourage any ‘non-golfers’ to attend, where we will also make you feel very welcome.

With having an excellent location in Pałac Brzeżno (Gradi Golf Club & Spa), Poland, along with excellent facilities, which you could utilise privately from Friday 7th July to Sunday 8th July, 2018 if you so require, enabling you to create a nice weekend break. Click here for more information.

6th getsix Golf Trophy

You can of course provisionally pre-book your attendance using our arranged 20% discount for our guests, this is very welcome and helpful! Please only email anthony.kerr@getsix.pl who will take care of your golfing and accommodation requirements, to avoid any confusion of arrangements.

Gustaw and Buchalterek are wondering who will be our getsix® Champion Golfer in 2018?

6th getsix Golf Trophy

See you later in the year in the Wrocław sunshine!

Kind regards,
getsix® Partners