Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015: ‘Top 10’ New Features

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015: ‘Top 10’ New Features

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Launched in October 2014, Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 offers powerful new capabilities to help small and mid-sized organisations grow their businesses.

Microsoft has been making huge strides in the mobile and cloud space in recent years. The new version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV makes full use of these technologies, and is being hailed as one of the most impressive releases to date.

getsix® Services have already implemented NAV 2015 for various customers. Please view below our ‘Top 10’ picks of the best new features and functionality:

1. New touch-first user experience

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 tablet applications are available now from the Windows, Apple, and Google app stores. Users can access their company data and processes regardless of location or device. Businesses who have a large sales force or would like to simplify processes now have the ability to enter quotes, sales orders, and check on inventory in real time giving time and the power back to users.

2. Better display of key business data

When your system makes you aware of issues or successes, that’s powerful and drives action. Users can now personalise their environment to easily access the most important business data and key performance indicators (KPIs). At a glance, a user can view live data allowing them to prioritise efforts and stay productive.

3. The data you want the way you want it

Business intelligence is one of the hottest demands by business leaders. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 you get built-in chart functionality which can be customised without the need of applying any code. You can also leverage Power BI tools to tap into the full potential of big data insights collected through critical business processes. Power BI extends the capabilities of Excel, and with the release of Power BI Desktop Microsoft has made it even simpler for regular users to understand, visualise and analyse their data.

4. Totals on the document pages

Quotes, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and more now have totals displayed at the bottom instead of using the Statistics window. Simple, effective, and most would agree very welcomed.

5. Documents can be formatted with Word Document Templates

Remember the days of customising document reports for hours, days, and weeks? With Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, users can now customise and create their own document reports in familiar tool, Microsoft Word. Along with the Microsoft Word add-in, the solution also comes with a set of pre-defined templates that can be used or modified to fit your needs. Modified templates can then easily be imported into NAV for immediate use.

6. Schedule reports with one click

This feature allows the end user to schedule any report to run and appear in a new section of the Role Centre called Report Inbox. The output of the report can be as a PDF, Word or Excel document for printing or a processing only report.

7. Rapid Start Upgrades

Microsoft have gone to great lengths to streamline and make the upgrade process as seamless as possible. NAV 2015 is no exception. Several enhancements have been made to optimise performance and provide a more convenient way to define, automate, troubleshoot and run upgrades and updates, making them more cost effective.

8. Quicker cash collection

A Bank Data Conversion Service on Microsoft Azure enables automatic processes for electronic payments, payment reconciliation and bank account reconciliation right in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Take your statements from inside NAV and export payments to your bank.

9. Mandatory fields for greater productivity

By designating certain fields as mandatory (shown in red), users know exactly which fields require input, making data entry easier and faster.

10. Simplified User Interface

To simplify the user experience in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015, Microsoft have introduced the UI Elements Removal feature. This feature, as its name suggests, can be used to remove user interface (UI) elements such as fields and actions from pages in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, so that the Role Centre and pages become less cluttered and easier to navigate.

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