getsix 5 anniversay Maciej and Ewelina

Ewelina and Maciej celebrate 5 years’ anniversary at getsix®

We are driven by excellent people

This week at our Wroclaw office we celebrated 5 years of employment with Ewelina Stępnik and Maciej Stodolny.

Mrs. Monika Martynkiewicz-Frank and Mr. Claus Frank presented nice baskets highlighting how Ewelina and Maciej were great examples of loyalty, commitment, diligence and hard work, while saying a big thank you!

getsix® is a customer-focused business built around customers’ needs, we do this by putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. Therefore, all the partners of getsix® thank Ewelina and Maciej for their excellent performance and dedication, it is with pleasure we continue working together.