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  • Our staff represents not only our capital but also the entire company. Therefore we dedicate valuable time and great measures to constant professional trainings of our experts.

    We work in structures of independent teams each of whom is responsible for their own task considering a self-reliant work as more efficient. From economical point of view the remuneration depending on the workforces performance motivates the most.

    A great working atmosphere finds itself reflecting on a sparse staff-turnover.

    One of the greatest challenges people face is in trusting others. When it comes to things as important as your business, your money, and your future, it’s even more difficult. The truth is that nobody is successful alone – it is a shared journey and the only question is – whom do you share it with? Get the expertise you need and the support you deserve from professionals who understand your world.

    We would like the opportunity to ‘earn your trust’ and have our getsix® team, be part of your team. For a complimentary consultationon how getsix® Services can help you, please call, or call any of our partners directly if you like.

Our IT Team

  • claus-frank

    Claus Frank

  • sebastian-mozejko

    Sebastian Możejko

    Head of IT Department / Senior IT Manager
  • rafal-strozyk

    Rafał Stróżyk

    Senior Software Engineer / Consultant
  • maciej-stodolny

    Maciej Stodolny

    Software Engineer / Consultant
  • Daria Pisula

    Junior Software Engineer / Consultant
  • karina-szepczynska

    Karina Szepczyńska

    Junior IT Administrator


Our Graphic and Web Design Team

  • anthony-kerr

    Anthony Kerr

    Head of Marketing & Acquisition / Director of Marketing Comms
  • marta-bazan-baranowicz

    Marta Bazan

    Design Media & Web Manager
  • piotr-rosinski

    Piotr Rosiński

    Head of Web Department / Senior Webmaster
  • Marta Szulc