Microsoft Dynamics NAV devices

Dynamics NAV – Bring Your Own Device

Microsoft Dynamics NAV – available on your device

The latest version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV packs some new features, notably the tablet client. Now, you can use Microsoft Dynamics NAV on your tablet.

A tablet is great for employees on the go:

  • CEO, VP, etc. – see your business at a glance
  • Salespeople – submit the customer’s order while in the customer’s office
  • Warehouse worker – post the shipment or pick goods on a tablet
  • Service technician – deliver service with a smile

Benefits of the tablet client?

The benefit of the tablet solution is portability and flexibility. With Dynamics NAV 2015 on a tablet, you can easily access your data in real-time while you are in your car, on an airplane, etc.

Other Benefits:

  • Be modern – with a tablet, you can show your customers that your business is modern and is making use of the latest technology.
  • Improve accuracy – easily capture data at the source.
  • Engage with your customers – close the deal while using the tablet experience.
  • Empower remote workers – warehouse workers, travelling salespeople, field service technicians, etc. can easily work without being tied to a desktop computer.

Features of Tablet Client

  • Designed for touch – the tablet client for Microsoft Dynamics NAV allows you to tap and swipe to navigate through your system. It is a responsive and comfortable app.
  • Simple and intuitive – the tablet client puts the content first in an easy to access interface.
  • Familiar – the dynamics NAV 2015 tablet looks has the familiar Microsoft Office look and feel.
  • Easy to download – you can quickly download the tablet app from the Google play store, iOS app store, or windows store.
  • Role tailored – you can easily view only the data that is right for your job role.

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